Hi everyone – here we will post about all the resources we have found useful and we will keep adding more useful resources as we go on in our journey.

Books & Literature

We will start off with books – gaining a deep fundamental understanding of money and the specific asset class you are dealing with as well as the technology that is used to build it, is a great way to start. This space continuously progresses and is literally operating 24 hours 365 days a year, so we believe it is a sound method to seek to understand things at a deeper level and gain foundational knowledge before getting into this space.

Bitcoin & Crypto Podcasts

The current top 8 Podcasts. We think we will need to add more podcasts as there are many great podcasts out there.

Wallet Apps & Software

Different Wallets are designed and built for different users ie you. So it all depends on what you need the wallet for we will cover the top 10 popular wallets. Our recommended Bitcoin Wallets are covered in this Post –BTC Wallets

We will go over other cryptocurrency wallets here.

Apps, Software & Online Tools

Buy bitcoin on auto-pilot, invest in a bundle of cryptocurrencies, watch your investments and trades over different exchanges, calculate dollar-cost averaging into bitcoin over time.

There are a lot of tools out there that enable you to streamline whatever it is you want to do. Make your life a little easier and enhance your experience with the help of tools – it’s the smarter thing to do.


Exchanges allow you to transact ie they are the market mechanism that allows you to buy and sell your cryptocurrencies. Some of them require KYC & AML, others don’t. Here’s a quick rundown on what’s on offer.

Marketplaces & Platforms

These are places you can buy physical and digital products and services with Bitcoin & other cryptocurrencies. Some even offer cash back on Bitcoin purchases but are limited to certain countries ( Flubit & U.S) but don’t fret there are a lot of places you can transact with both online and offline with Cryptocurrencies so check them out


For a faster overview and ingestion of useful information, articles can help you out. There are many great articles out there so we spent time going through as many useful ones as we could so we could save you time and hand-picked the best ones just for you.

YouTube Channels

Great for people who like active learning or getting information via video – some of these are regularly updated so you can get up to speed faster.


Best for gaining a thorough and deep understanding of topics on Bitcoin & Cryptocurrencies but they also cover Cryptoeconomics, Technologies related to Cryptocurrencies as well as discussions and viewpoints.

Facebook Groups

Most seem to be Trader focused but there are other types of groups ( Blockchain Projects etc.) out there, just be careful not to get sucked in by any of those scamming groups or profiles.

Here’s a little word of warning: A recurring pattern of behaviour for these scammers is to message you directly asking if you are interested in investing in cloud mining bitcoin or investing for very high returns in bitcoin.  And never allow ANYONE remote access to your machine, especially not any device you keep your cryptocurrencies on.

Twitter Accounts

AKA Crypto Twiter – Great to learn things by reading Tweetstorms and contributing or seeing what some good points of discussion are.

Forums & Instant Messaging Platforms

Bitcoin Talk the first forum focused on Bitcoin created by Satoshi Nakamoto.





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