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Here are some cool Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Apps & Online Tools.

We field-tested them ourselves to make sure their performance was up to scratch before recommending them here.

We hope you can get the same value out of them as we did and enjoy your journey.

Always remember to do your research and practice safe-methods of security for wherever you keep your crypto-assets!


Of Ycombinator fame.

This is a very user-friendly way to start investing in crypto-assets without the hassle of setting up your cryptocurrency wallets.

The key concept here is being able to directly invest into bundles of crypto-assets ( Mixes of different crypto-assets – sort of like a mini-portfolio) hand-picked by Coinbundle to match your risk appetite.

This can save you a lot of time and hassle keeping track of all your different cryptoassets and individually managing each asset. So this would be a great fit for people who want to get started investing in crypto-assets but do not have much time to learn how to set up wallets and sign-up for different exchanges.

A concierge, done-for-you, simplified and streamlined user experience.

You can buy with a Bank Card and Withdraw directly back into your local bank account after selling some of your crypto-assets.


Dollar-Cost Averaging Investment Strategy.

Basically –  buying the same amount of an asset at the same time regardless of price.

This smooths out your emotions because you are not worried about price movements, it should put you in good stead in the long-run.


A great and probably the most popular way to keep track of all the different crypto-assets.

Not all coins or tokens are listed here unless proposed by the team and accepted so check and see if your favourite projects are here.


Earn interest by depositing your cryptocurrencies – you can even apply for loans backed by $100 Million USD Insurance.(Bitgo)

Nexo offers staking accounts with several different staking coins including their native Nexo token. You will be paid out interest in Nexo token or USD if you are a US Citizen. Tezos seem to be doing quite well for staking coins with a native coin or cryptocurrency on their blockchain.

Coin Market Alert

This seems like an interesting tool for active traders. We only used the free version and found it to be ok, they could improve the UI a little but the functionality seems to work ok.


For the active traders out there. Professional-Grade software to track all your trades across all the popular exchanges. It comes with a free trial and starting prices of only $15 per month.

We think this one is a great bargain to get you started with actively trading, we were unable to properly stress-test this software but enjoyed the excellently designed UI which made Coinigy quite easy to use. The best All-in-one Platform on the market today. ( We will write a comprehensive review after we have tested it ourselves.)

Brave Browser

A Fairly new privacy & speed-focused web browser.

They are taking an innovative approach to the old ad-driven model of internet revenue.

YOU get paid for viewing ads and you can tip your favourite creators directly.

I just noticed a tipping feature for twitter as well so you can tip twitter users directly for whatever you found valuable.

If you sign up to be a creator or publisher you can get tipped in BAT Tokens which is paid into your wallet which Uphold maintains for you ( A different company).

They are also running a give-way worth $1 Million USD for referrals so you have an added incentive for a great product that works well and delivers on its core value propositions.

Brave was created by Brendan Eich the co-founder of Mozilla Firefox and Inventor of Javascript, so technically they should have what it takes – although we are not sure if Brendan is directly involved with the software development and engineering himself, his guidance and vision should give Brave a good edge.


Celsius Network

Similar to Nexo and also insured by Bitgo with a $100 Million USD Fund.

They offer several USD -backed stablecoins as a viable alternative to a commercial bank’s deposit account and have an interesting and innovative feature called celgo where you can send Bitcoin instantly without the need for a wallet.

We will have to look into further to understand how this works for a user and if they mean both the sender and receiver do not need a wallet. We will test it out and write a review soon.

The core difference between Nexo and Celsius Network is that with Celsius you get paid part of their revenue (80%) whereas with Nexo you get paid 30% of net profits for Nex Token holders.

Celsius Networks interest rates on loans up to $10,000 USD are 4.95% and Nexo’s are 24.95% for USD Loans. We will need to find out why the difference in rates and if there are any significant differences between each platform for their loan process.

Personally we are more interested in how users can earn interest via staking coins over applying for loans. But it does seem like an attractive means of acquiring capital if you are living abroad as a location independent professional, business owner or entrepreneur or you are looking for a different means of acquiring capital.

They do emphasize the speed of approvals for loans, so maybe it is a good alternative for people who cannot get a loan from their local banks.

Makerdao is listed here as well, for anyone interested in the growing decentralized finance or De-Fi trend. This platform (Makerdao) within a platform ( Ethereum) looks like one to watch.







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