Top 5 Books and Literature

The Bitcoin Standard – Great for understanding what money is and how it works (functional theory of money) as well as the economics behind Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies.

The Internet of Money Vol1 – Compilation of talks given by Andreas Antonopoulos. Great for understanding the Impact of Bitcoin & what the technologies that underpin Bitcoin and the subsequent Internet of Money or Internet of Value. ( You can also find Volume Two on Github or Amazon Kindle.)

Nakamoto Institute – Collection of writing and literature material which covers technologies, theories, economics, and various literature that can assist readers to gain a deep and broad understanding of how and why bitcoin was developed. ( They also have a collection of all the publically recorded writings of Satoshi Nakamoto. And you can find a copy of the seminal Bitcoin White Paper on the homepage!)

Mastering Bitcoin – Great High-Level Technical overview of the technological components used to build Bitcoin. Good to start with so you can understand how Bitcoin operates and functions technically.

Programming Bitcoin– How to build Bitcoin Libraries in Python. Useful for Developers and others who might like to understand Bitcoin at a more nuanced technical level. The Mathematical foundations & functions are quite insightful,  because you can learn how Bitcoin is secured & built with Cryptography and Math as one of the technological building blocks.


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